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Dave Cline@ 10:10am 10-21-2015
I was in Anderson on the 20th of October and received a warm welcome at the local flying field by the club president and 4 other local flyers. I know you are looking for a new flying site and I wish you luck in your search. Thank you again. Dave
Replied on: 4:43pm 10-21-2015

Dave, you are very welcome. I just missed you as several of us went to lunch. Stop by anytime you are in town.

Ron Smith@ 4:36pm 08-28-2015
I'm an AMA member and member of our local club here. A 3D flyer and still enjoy my big circle flyers. Moving to Anderson this fall from Raleigh, NC and would love to join the club. The field is 9 miles from the home we're buying. Hope the group is welcoming to new members. Would like to come by for a guest flight or two on my next trip over there.
Replied on: 2:59pm 08-30-2015

We are welcoming all the members we can get. At present we are only 19 members. Come by anytime, we are always there on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

Dave Cline@ 5:21pm 07-10-2015
My wife and I will be in Anderson in Oct. And if possible I would like to visit and possibly fly (park flyer) at your field. I am an AMA member and have been flying on and off since the late 70's. Dave
Replied on: 11:47am 07-12-2015

No problem Dave, we will be glad to have you fly with us.

Gloria@ 5:16am 03-21-2015
Hi I would like to receive training and possibly join your club. Do I need to join the AMA, first or receive the training first. Please let me know. Thank you.
Replied on: 10:35am 03-26-2015

It would be helpful if you got your AMA first. We usually get an AMA instructor certificate that you could train on but I don't think we got one this year. For more information please contact our club president who is also our current instructor. He will set up times with you for instruction.

Phone864) 222-9299

Scott Fortune@ 10:17am 12-29-2014
My brother and I are from Seneca,SC. We both are into the electric hobby helicopters and looking to meet up other rc flyers and in need of larger flying space . We both agreed no planes due to need of a runway. I saw your website. Thought maybe either more info your club offers to maybe join. I belong to the Lost Dutchman's Mining Association and been flyin my heli at LDMA Oconee Gold Camp up close to Salem,SC. Lack of mowed grass, trees, and of course gold pits make it a bit difficult to fly and land.
Replied on: 9:58am 12-30-2014

Thank you for your interest. Our club at this time is in a state of unrest as we are going to have to move our field. With the new FAA rules the Anderson Airport is uncomfortable with our field. We are working with Anderson County officials in search for a new location. In the mean time we continue to fly. If you would like to fly with us please come by but as for joining you should wait until we have a new location.
If you have more questions you can email me or call me, see contacts on the web site for my email address and phone number.
Rudy Kellerman

Jason Blad@ 5:20pm 10-13-2013
Hello, I was At Balloons Over Anderson Video Taping The Planes On Saturday Afternoon, I got pictures (and video) and would like to know if you have a facebook page so i can link both to the page so you can see them (also anybody that was there who saw me video tape/taking pictures please feel free to add me on facebook, i gave a few of you my business card (localmusicians) thanks
Replied on: 1:41pm 10-20-2013

Thanks for the info.
I am the club secretary and treasurer and I also do our website.
My facebook page is
We also have a club facebook page to which I can add you if you put up a request there.

Red Scholefield@ 12:52pm 10-07-2013
My sister in law and niece just move to Anderson. I would love to see and fly at your field the next time we visit them. Nice web site, one of the best I've come across.

Red S. AMA 951
Flying Gators MAC, Gainesville, FL
Replied on: 9:08am 10-08-2013

Thanks for the complement on the web site. You are welcome to fly with us anytime.

Eddie@ 4:21pm 08-11-2013
Hello !!! how many flight instructors do you have ? how can I get in touch with them ?
Replied on: 1:43pm 08-14-2013

We have one flight instructor, his name is John Moll.
You can contact him at (864) 940-2280.

Eddie GERSHMAN@ 12:45pm 01-26-2012
i am planing to move into the monroe area and would like to know the location of your flying field i have been a member of the parcs in brooklyn ny club and am looking to join a club in the area thanks eddie
Replied on: 10:44am 03-29-2012

I'm so sorry but I just now saw this message in the guestbook. Not sure where the monroe area is but we have two flying fields at the Anderson Airport.

Gerald Monroe@ 9:15pm 07-03-2009
My hat is off to the webmaster and this club- great & professional job!
Jerry R Matherly@ 8:06pm 01-26-2009
Thanks for letting us fly there this past weekend. Jamie and I had a great time. we will be back soon with a few more friends. Jerry Coastal Planes RC Club
EDDIE GROVER@ 7:02am 11-15-2007
Scott Stewart@ 6:32pm 11-14-2007
Nice website! Who's the guy with the cub hiding behind the big floppy hat?????!!!